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Meet Your Local Healthy Snacking Expert:
Dan Lewis


Why I decided to join the HUMAN family?

H.U.M.A.N. franchisees and corporate staff members wake up each day to serve a common purpose, to make a meaningful difference in our communities by providing nutritious snacks and beverages in the most convenient locations. Every student that chooses a fruit juice over a sugary, carbonated soda or an all-natural snack over a candy bar is the true measure of success for the H.U.M.A.N. family. I’ve had the privilege of serving with exceptional teams in the military. I consider myself fortunate to be able to continue to serve alongside outstanding community leaders as I do business as H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending.

What I like best about being a social entrepreneur in my community?

I consider myself truly fortunate to be a social entrepreneur in Charleston, SC. Our community shows support for the nutrition movement as proven through the successes of Wholefoods, Puree Organic Café, Earthfare, Trader Joe’s, Black Bean Co and Alluette’s Café. Charleston County School District outlines new wellness goals through there “Vision 2016″ project led by Coach Spurlock.

Trident Health System works to make healthy foods more visible through “H2U” (Health to You) under director Catherine Grych. S.C. Working Well, funded by Duke Endowment, is leading a 3-year hospital employee wellness program partnered with 50 hospitals to include MUSC through the director of health promotion, Susan Johnson, who also spearheads MUSC’s Urban Farm. Our Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program provides locally grown crops to more and more community members each year. It is my sincere honor to contribute to the better nutrition initiative as a local activist and nutrition educator.

What sets us apart from other vending companies?

Transparent, superior services set me apart from the “average” vending operator. I host sampling events at no cost to the locations to educate customers on why healthy foods taste better and make us feel better. I provide individual username and passwords so each location can see the exact sales reports that I see from our remote monitoring. Locations know they receive honest, fair commission checks from me. Lastly, I continuously shop for the latest and greatest in health foods in order to provide the best selection of delicious products and pass savings on to our customers.

It’s not a secret. Traditional junk food vendors prefer not to provide healthy alternatives. Healthy vending for a junk food vendor means finding new product sources, new expenses and lower profit margins. Charleston Health Focus, LLC was created specifically to provide ONLY healthy foods and beverages. My product catalog contains the most nutritious and best tasting foods available. The vending machines welcome folks to take a closer look with attractive visual displays and are “Charleston polite” as they thank you for each purchase. I don’t have set hours of operations. You receive my personal cell phone number to call anytime to ask questions, request service or just to relay your satisfaction (I like those calls too). Contact me today to find out what healthy vending can do for your facility. I thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Charleston.

Ranked as the #168 Fastest Growing Company in America by Inc. 500


Healthy Vending in Charleston, SC


Our Healthy Vending Program in Charleston, SC

As a Partner in Nutrition, you will receive placement of high tech, energy efficient, marketable machines at conveniently accessible areas in your facility. In exchange for being your exclusive food and beverage vendor, you will receive 90 day guarantees for higher commissions, energy cost reduction and total satisfaction.

You will receive login information for our remote monitoring so you can see sales reports in real time and know what your commission checks will be before they’re written. You will receive prompt, superior service from a master certified mechanic and local member of your community. All completely free of charge! But most importantly, you will become a leader in the nutrition revolution and provide high quality, convenient snacks to the men of women occupying and transiting your facility.

Did we mention we also have coffee options?

H.U.M.A.N. coffee machines fresh brew coffee that is better tasting than Starbucks but without heavy doses of sugar and the heavy price tags. These machines are fantastic for offices. No more office collections for filters, coffee grounds, cups, milk and sugar. Our coffee machines quickly brew individual servings from 100% organic coffee beans and will prepare your cup to exact preferences with over 20 selections (espresso, mocha, latte, Americano, etc). It’s visually attractive and user-friendly interface allows for convenient payment options and easy ordering. Taking up floor space of only 3.05 sq. ft. allows convenient placement even in small office kitchens. Sign-up for your H.U.M.A.N. organic coffee machine and see how the “better for you coffee” is also the best tasting coffee!




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Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis

HUMAN Franchisee at HUMAN Everywhere
Dan is committed to making a meaningful difference in his community by providing nutritious snacks and beverages in the most convenient locations.
Dan Lewis

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