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The HUMAN Healthy Vending Combo Machine

Advanced Technology: h.u.m.a.n. machines include digital LCD screens, credit card readers, and remote inventory monitoring capabilities. Wow.

Childhood Obesity - The Biggest Epidemic to Hit America in Decades

How Healthy Vending Machines Are Taking a Bite Out of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Did you know that childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed, just in the last decade? Childhood obesity has become a serious epidemic, with 1/3 of Americans being obese or overweight.

A major problem is snacking--the snacks kids eat are loaded with sugar, fat, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables are left to the wayside. Even nutritious, home made meals are replaced with fast food. With parents leading busier lifestyles, the foods they feed their children is usually one of their last priorities. Parents can grab a bucket of fried chicken on their way home from work with much less preparation than cooking a meal from scratch.

Although the childhood obesity epidemic is rampant among young Americans, there are ways to stop it. 

The first step is education. Nutritional education is a minor focus in schools, if a focus at all. It’s hard to teach my example when junk food vending machines line the hallways and cafeteria. 


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Childhood HUMAN Healthy Vending is a nationwide healthy vending company that works in conjunction with the White House’s “Let’s Move Campaign” to help fight childhood obesity. Our program is entirely free and your school earns commission on the sale of the products. With our massive healthy & tasty product selection, you’ll find your students performing better and acting out less.


With education, children will better connect the foods they put in their mouths with the health effects in the near and distant future. It may even encourage them to start reading food labels. Eating cookies, chips, and fast food won’t be curbed by high metabolism forever. Additionally, eating junk food is correlated to less physical activity. With the advent of computer technology, less time is spent playing outside. All of these things combined has lead to childhood obesity. 


As of now, most schools are actually hurting their students with the foods they serve. Not only are traditional vending machines rampant--including ice cream machines, chocolate milk machines, snack machines, and soda machines--but cafeteria food is mass produced and not healthy. Some school districts are initiating a “back to scratch” movement. School cooks make food fresh daily for the students. This type of “home made” cafeteria food was standard in school until the last two decades, when schools switched to factory-made, freeze and thaw foods. 


Another great way to make healthful foods more accessible to children is healthy vending. Healthy vending machines offer 100% healthful foods and drinks, including trail mixes, protein bars, healthy chips and cookies, premium waters, and natural juices and sodas. Since 1/3 of children’s calories come from snacking, healthy vending is a step in the right direction. 


Although snacking is not an ideal source of calories, if kids are going to snack, they can at least be smart about it. Healthy ending facilitates smart snacking. 


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