Who Is Captain HUMAN?

• His mission may seem extraordinary, close to impossible – but this green and grinning superhero doesn’t pay mind. Captain HUMAN is out to make healthy food more convenient than junk food!• Instead of fighting street crime, Captain HUMAN fights ALIENs (foods that Attack Life as Infectious Enemies of Nutrition) as well as UFOs(Unidentifiable Food-like Objects).

• Captain HUMAN has turned what is often described in complicated jargon (nutrition science and stuff) into simple language everyone can understand: HUMAN food, Captain HUMAN instructs, is food that’s free from as many of the following as possible: artificial colors and preservatives, partially hydrogenated oils (trans fat), high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Easy, peasy.

• Captain HUMAN’s habitat is the schools, colleges, gyms, health expos and YMCAs of the world. He spends his time educating children (and anyone else who’ll listen) on how to eat mindfully and how to decipher HUMAN foods from ALIENs and UFOs.

• As a public service, Captain HUMAN taste-tests healthful snacks and beverages before he offers them to you as a better alternative to ALIENs & UFOs. He wants to make sure they’re delicious. His key question when taste-testing? “What’s that taste like?”

• He climbs the stairs rather than taking the escalator (or takes the escalator backwards for an added.

• His slogan is “Easy Nutrition Everywhere!” and when he’s not busy joining impromptu street dances, he’ll say it [link or video to him dancing with dancers at Expo West]

Interested in bringing Captain HUMAN to your school? Please [insert call to action here]

Captain HUMAN


To further promote the cause that is the foundation on which HUMAN is built, we integrate our own nutritional super hero, Captain HUMAN, into all of our HUMAN Everywhere, Nutrition 101 and general outreach events, where he courageously battles ALIENs that are Attacking Life as Infectious Enemies of Nutrition. You see, while we take what we do at HUMAN very seriously, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a whole lot of fun. We believe life isn’t worth living if you’re not having fun, and when you’re helping build social entrepreneurs, changing the country’s nutritional landscape, and messing around with Aliens and Super Heroes every day, it’s impossible to not have a good time.