Why Healthy Vending and Healthy Vending Machines Work: 3 Unassailable Trends

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Healthy vending and healthy vending machines work because they’re built on the foundation of three of today’s strongest trends.

1) Health and Nutrition
The U.S. nutrition industry grew 11% in 2007 with total consumer sales of $94 Billion.  I guess you could call that a huge industry!  Additionally, 61% of employed individuals in America prefer better health care to increased pay.

What does this mean? It means health, healthy vending, and healthy vending machines are gaining importance in everyone’s mind. People are increasingly realizing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and are proving it by spending more on healthy goods than ever before.  h.u.m.a.n. has the most innovative healthy vending machines and provides the healthiest, tastiest foods & drinks that consumers love.

2) Convenience
Fact:  In today’s hectic society, less meals are being consumed at home.  People simply have less time to eat due to our increasingly fast-paced society.  By bringing health and nutrition products directly to customers through healthy vending machines, we’re making it easier than ever before to eat more nutritiously and achieve a healthy lifestyle. To improve upon the already convenient nature of vending, we provide features such as credit card readers to make purchasing from our vendors as easy as possible. Since 2003, h.u.m.a.n. has been the leader in “convenient nutrition!”

3) Digital Advertising and Technology

Have you seen those bright ads displayed on big digital billboards yet? If you haven’t, you will very soon. They’re popping up everywhere, and they make a whole lot of sense. Why? Because they display targeted ads, look really sharp, & generate significantly more revenue when compared to old-school static advertisements. This is why the “Out-of-Home Digital Advertising” is already a $1.7 Billion industry with a rapid 23% annual growth rate. Our healthy vending program capitalizes on this booming digital advertising trend, allowing YOU to profit from it!

These unassailable trends point to where the world is heading and HUMAN is uniquely poised to benefit from all three.  We couldn’t be more excited!  Not only are we doing a lot of good for the world, we’re also making our vending operators and partners wealthy in the process!

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Amy Coplen

Marketing Queen at HUMAN Everywhere
A southern bell with a salty attitude, Amy moved to the big city to fulfill her dreams! As a social butterfly with a strong desire for success, Amy found internet marketing to be her one true calling in life. With a passion for personal development and a strong dedication to live her life with a positive mindset, she found HUMAN to be the perfect atmosphere to spread her wings and flourish.
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