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Note From The Founders: 3 Ways To Increase Your Profits By 20%


The traditional best practices for vending machine owner/operators are one-dimensional:

1) Place your machine in the highest traffic location you could find

2) Stock it only when absolutely critical (i.e. when everything is almost sold-out)

3) Use the same product mix for the next decade

This is a result of perspective. If you look at a vending machine and see only a machine then you’re not thinking outside of the box.

However, if you look at your vending machine and see a launch pad for an evolving and optimized product mix, then suddenly it becomes so much more than a machine.  Instead of a vending machine you now see an Automated Healthy Snack Store.

What is the best way to turn this new perspective on your vending machine into tangible results (i.e. more CASH?):

#1: Change Up The Items In Your Machines


This isn’t an earth-shattering revelation.  We’re sure you already know this.  But, how often do you do it? Do you track the sales of each product-type?  Even if you have tested and worked to arrive at the product mix you have now, it’s a good idea to continue to feature new healthy snacks and drinks. Variety is the spice of life!

#2: Do A Give-Away Promotion


i) Place a bright-colored sticker on the back of one of your products.

ii) Affix a flyer to the front of your machine that makes it loud and clear that if a sticker of that color is found on the back of a product, then “You Are A Winner! Go To The Front Desk To Collect Your Prize!”.

iii) Make sure the front desk has an enticing prize waiting for your customer.  Recommendations: Gift-cards, H.U.M.A.N.  Clothing, Cash, or anything else you can think of that has value!

iv) Promote your Give Away via word-of-mouth.  Chat up your regulars and they’ll spread the word for you!

If communicated well, the cost of the prize will be DWARFED by your increase in profits.

#3: Automate Your Customer Feedback


You are a marketer of healthy snacks and drinks. What is the most valuable information you need to know? The wants and needs of your customers, of course.  While taking time to talk with your customers and hold sampling events to get their feedback is very effective, you can also save time by placing  a comment box on your machine via double-sided tape or Velcro strips with a small sign that reads “Healthy Snack Request”.  Be sure to include small slips of paper and a pencil/pen.

There are many other ways to increase your profits. Take a step back and evaluate your business on a regular basis.  Think outside of the box and don’t lose sight of the most important thing: providing a high-level of service to your customers!

Best In Health,

Sean & Andy


Automated Marketing

While you’re in the mindset of thinking about marketing your own healthy vending business, this article from is a great commentary on automated marketing.  Take the manual labor out of scaling your business by creating automated systems wherever possible.  This can be done without sacrificing high quality customer service.


Speaking of perspective, Sebastian Thrun, a Professor of Computer Sciences at Stanford, has taken a radical perspective about changing something we all do quite often…


Biomedical Engineer who earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & Columbia University. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-Founded America’s first Pure Play healthy vending company in 2003.
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