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Mmmmmm That Value Smells Good!


Last week I talked about the importance of Providing Value.  At HUMAN we voraciously believe nothing is more important than this in lifenothing!   In fact, “crushing it” is really just about being a massive value provider.  They’re one and the same.

Who are some examples of value-providers?

Great question.  Everyone knows value-providers because either they or their product is fantastic, and they’re in the public eye.  However, that doesn’t mean that in order to be a massive value-provider you have to be famous!  It’s quite the contrary.



This is an example with which everyone is familiar.   Rarely will you find someone who buys a product from Apple – many times for a good chunk of money – that says it wasn’t worth the money.  Sure, people might complain about the horrible service of the iPhone, but that’s more of an AT&T problem, not an Apple problem.   In fact, people feel that the iPhone provides so much value, that they buy the product in droves despite the terrible service.

That says something about Apple.

They provide products that people are more than happy to pay good money for because in the end the customer feels they get more from the product then they put in (or in this case spend).  I certainly can’t say the same for AT&T though…they’re a value-sucker!  Or am I just a sucker for having an iPhone? Anyway….

My Cleaning Lady

None of you know her.  But she is phenomenal.  She always shows-up to my house happy, is a joy to be around, and equally as important, does a phenomenal job cleaning my place.  In a world of rip-offs, underachievers, and semi or complete scams, this is refreshing.  She takes pride in her work and kicks butt every single time.   She “crushes it” when it comes to cleaning.   I pay her between $80 to $100 each time she cleans and would gladly pay more.   She gives me more value than it costs me to get that value.   She’s just as much, possibly more so, of a value-provider in my life as Apple.

Mentor Bob

I have many mentors in my life (I think few things are more important than mentors when it comes to creating an ideal “crushing it” atmosphere around yourself).   One of these mentors is a guy named Bob.  Beyond being a blast to speak with and being one of the most hilarious guys I know (thus providing value by making me laugh and feel good every time I talk with him), he’s reliable and truly looks out for my best interest.  Sure, as a result of this I’ll always think of him first if something comes up that could help him (i.e. client referrals), but that’s not why he helps me.

He’s simply a guy who is used to giving all the value he can and because of it leads a very fulfilled life.


If you don’t know this company check it out.  They have the coolest $150 pens in the world that most people would gladly pay 5-10x for once you see how cool and helpful they can be. Total value-provider.

As human beings, we have many traits that are incredibly difficult to escape.

Some of these traits are to our advantage and some are to our disadvantage. One of these traits that’s to our advantage is the inherent desire to repay people for what they’ve done for us.

Why do we feel this way…? And why does providing value work?

Check back next week for the answer to these questions, as well as tips for putting yourself in a value-producing mindset.  Have an amazing rest of the week!

Best in health,

Sean & Andy,

Founders, HUMAN Healthy Vending


Get Caught GREEN Handed!

Everybody is going to win. And that means YOU.

THAT IS IF you get caught GREEN HANDED!

This week marks our first ever Green Hand Giveaway!

Yesss…But what does that mean?

It means that once a month from now on, we will be giving away some awesome swag to our readers.

And all YOU have to do send  a picture of you, your friend, or you and your friends, with Green Hands.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, whether your hands are covered in paint, marker, frosting, gloves, guacamole, Alien blood,…etc.

The most creative, best entry will win. (P.S. Alien blood will definitely win).

But what do we win?

We have partnered with our friends at HARD Nutrition to give you exclusive access to the Newest, All-Natural Nutritional Drinks on the market…FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Think Vitamin Water with actual vitamins and enzymes.

The Functional Water System is designed for anyone who wants to “crush it” at the next level, whether it is in the gym with WIN, at work with WIDE AWAKE, or in the evening after a long day with FIX IT.

First Prize: Wins the COMPLETE Functional Water System from HARD Nutrition PLUS an awesome cooler that you can take with you to the beach, or the ski-slopes (worth over $60!) or a HUMAN T-shirt.


Second Prize: Wins either the Complete System or a HUMAN T-shirt (depending on what first place chooses).

All entries will win a free Boom Boom Energy Inhaler to help you crush it.

Boom Boom is an awesome all-natural energy booster that can help you get your focus back during long days, drives, or late-nights.

Alright, I want this stuff!  How do I enter?

It is very easy, all we need is three things from you:

Send pictures of you and your friends with GREEN HANDS, along with your full name and mailing address to:



How To Turn Your “Dud” Vending Location

In To A “Stud” Location: Part 4

This is your last week, of “Dud” to “Stud”!  If you follow this plan, your vending machines will be cranking.  Please let us know if any of you have followed this program, we want to hear results!

Send Tips, Comments, Suggestions, or Jokes to


Biomedical Engineer who earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & Columbia University. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-Founded America’s first Pure Play healthy vending company in 2003.
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