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Is Your Office Killing You?

Hello, HUMANists, There’s a scene in NBC’s “The Office” where Dwight – the comically uptight and irreverent salesman – removes the processed junk-food items from the vending machine and literally hammers in farm-fresh produce. While it’s a humorous scene, it is not a far cry from what is actually happening in progressive large corporations and governmental agencies around the nation (without the hammering, of
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USDA Overhauls Junk Food in Schools

Within the month, or later (no one seems to know for sure), the USDA will announce its proposed nutritional standards for foods that children can buy outside of their school cafeterias. Collectively known as “competitive foods” (since they “compete” with the school cafeteria), these are foods bought in vending machines, à la carte and in student stores. This will be the first time there
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