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Aug 12, 2010

Starting a Vending Machine Business in Today’s Economy

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Patrick Sanders

Operations Director at HUMAN Everywhere
Patrick Sanders is a fitness enthusiast, world traveler, and outdoorsman from Elko, Nevada.A pragmatic guy, he makes his eating decisions based mainly on grams of protein per dollar (GPPD). When he's not working as HUMAN's Director of Operations you can find him in a Muay Thai gym, spearfishing, or traveling the world with his wife.

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If you are looking into starting up your own business or buying into a franchise model, the choices are endless. The demands for initial investment vary from a few thousand dollars to millions. The time, expertise, and knowledge capital requirements vary equally as much. An often overlooked option is a vending machine business.
Jan 26, 2010

The “Super Human” Vending Machine Is Dominating a Stagnant Industry

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From the moment you see a H.U.M.A.N. vendor, it’s obvious […]