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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Franchise

If you’ve thought about starting a business, chances are you’ve contemplated on whether it’s better to buy a franchise or start your own independent business. We want to offer our guidance in a no-frills, straight-talk fashion. Buying a franchise is a big decision and a big investment, but it can offer a foundation that allows you the freedom and lifestyle of an entrepreneur without
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The Crush It Report – Volume 15

Note From The Founders: Whole Grain INVASION This week HUMAN had the pleasure of being a benefactor sponsor and keynote speaker at the Whole Grains Council Conference in Portland, OR.  HUMAN is the only vending sponsor ever to be invited and it’s a testament to our commitment to health that we were honored as an industry pioneer, and pace setter.  The big wigs of
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The Crush It Report – Volume 13


Note From the Founders: How to Jump Onto a Speeding Train (Hint: You Gotta’ Be Quick) Ok, so you could be like THIS guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph0toX54qlE But I don’t recommend it. Not only is he wearing attire completely ill-suited for his objective, but he’s also risking life and limb for next to no reward. That’s not really “Crushing It” if you ask me. Instead, I
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The Crush It Report – Volume 10

Note from the Founders   Creating Lasting New Year’s Resolutions Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas vacation, and for those of you who are still on vacation I hope you are relaxing and recharging for a prosperous new year. Take Advantage of Your Break For the rest of us, the week after Christmas is an interesting time.  Corporate offices are often half full
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The Crush It Report – Volume 6

The 3 Deadly Myths of Entrepreneurship Ignore this at your peril! In true “Crush It” fashion, here are the 3 Deadly Myths of Entrepreneurship. Myth #1:  Going into business for yourself is risky The safest thing to do is work for a corporation where you get benefits, guaranteed vacation days, and year-end bonuses. REALITY:  This myth can’t be farther from the truth!  If you
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Starting a Vending Machine Business in Today’s Economy

Since the market implosion in the Fall of 2008, watching the news will scare the pants off of you.  No, literally. I was walking by a department store that had the evening news displaying a graph of the market and my pants literally detached themselves from my legs. Now I am sitting here staring at a $500 citation for indecent exposure, just what I
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How To CRUSH It In The Vending Industry…

Many people think the vending industry is simple. Simply stated, it’s not! When looking at all facets of vending, the most valuable factor is finding the right location. Smoothly operating machines equipped with healthy snacks & drinks, in addition to great service, mean nothing without solid location placement. Having constructive marketing materials and the perfect pitch are two important aspects of this placement process.
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Finally, Healthy Snacks and Drinks In Vending Machines! Learn The Story Behind H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending…

Sean Kelly, Chief Humanist, tells the story… A passion for health and improving the lives of others is why this company was formed, but I soon learned that I needed a whole lot more than good intentions to reach the pinnacle of healthy vending success… It all started in New York City on a mild winter night in late January. I had just finished a
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