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Eating Healthy is Easier and More Affordable Than Ever!

Amy Coplen

Marketing Queen at HUMAN Everywhere
A southern bell with a salty attitude, Amy moved to the big city to fulfill her dreams! As a social butterfly with a strong desire for success, Amy found internet marketing to be her one true calling in life. With a passion for personal development and a strong dedication to live her life with a positive mindset, she found HUMAN to be the perfect atmosphere to spread her wings and flourish.

Remember that old excuse we used to have about eating poorly? You know, the one where we claim it’s “too expensive” to buy the healthy stuff? Well, that excuse is going out the window because the price of healthy snacks & beverages are finally starting to compete with their junk food counterparts. This means it should be easier for us to make smarter snacking

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The Future is Here: Healthy Vending Machines

Patrick Sanders

Operations Director at HUMAN Everywhere
Patrick Sanders is a fitness enthusiast, world traveler, and outdoorsman from Elko, Nevada.A pragmatic guy, he makes his eating decisions based mainly on grams of protein per dollar (GPPD). When he's not working as HUMAN's Director of Operations you can find him in a Muay Thai gym, spearfishing, or traveling the world with his wife.

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Am I the only one extremely disappointed that its 2010 and we are STILL not driving flying cars, watching hologram TV, and popping tasty meals in pill form? Its downright absurd! But I guess to be fair, there are some pretty cool things that have come out.  For example: healthy vending machines.  That’s right, I said it. There are actually vending machines that dispense

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