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Healthy Vending Franchise Makes Headlines: Columbus, GA


HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchisees Greg Burch and Liz Wise made headlines at their local NBC station last week for helping to improve the nutrition of kids in their community by launching healthy vending machines in schools. Their story: Why start a healthy vending franchise? As parents, Greg and Liz are both passionate about the health and wellness of their own children and know the
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Franchise for Veterans: HUMAN Ranks Above the Rest

Why is HUMAN the perfect franchise for veterans? Find out in our Top 3 list below! 1. Veterans receive a discounted Franchise Fee In appreciation for their service, HUMAN offers Veterans a 10% discount off their franchise fee. 2. HUMAN is co-founded by a former Naval Officer, Andy Mackensen After serving as a US Naval Officer and being honorably discharged in 2004, HUMAN Co-Founder
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HUMAN Leaves a Big Impression on 2013

Below, we count down the top 5 statistics that prove HUMAN left a big impression on 2013. These data points also indicate that in 2013 HUMAN took huge strides towards achieving its mission to create “easy nutrition everywhere.”   5) 2,897 The number of snacks sold in 2013 via HUMAN’s newest healthy snack distribution platform, micro markets After launching the first HUMAN Healthy Market in
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HUMAN Franchise Launches in Manalapan, New Jersey


Joe and Jen Iacono, parents from Manalapan, New Jersey, traveled to Southern California in May with their young daughter, Olivia, to meet the HUMAN Team and learn how to operate their HUMAN franchise. Click below to discover why this family chose to start their healthy vending business and serve their community through social entrepreneurship. Would you like to learn more about how you can contribute to
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HUMAN Featured on New TV Series “LunchNYC”

Check us out! We were featured on the new health-conscious TV series “LunchNYC“.  “LunchNYC” premiered in October 2010 on NYC Life, which is a subsidiary of NYC Media, the official TV, radio and online network of NYC. From the website: “Throughout the 12-episode series “LunchNYC” will introduce viewers to a wide variety of health-conscious individuals, organizations, and events in New York City, and will
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My Vending Route: HUMAN Employee Runs Profitable Vending Route

My Vending Route After working with HUMAN for nearly a year and a half I have learned a TON about the vending industry. I have worked within the HUMAN team playing many roles including freight and machine installation logistics, marketing, sales, customer service, and administrative work.  I have also played an integral part in putting together machine instructional manuals and videos for our partner
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Child Nutrition Law: New Nutritional Standards For Schools

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act allows the Secretary of Agriculture to establish nutrition standards for foods sold in schools throughout the day, including items in vending machines. The standards require schools to offer more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Now that President Obama has made this a child nutrition law, schools across the country will start to determine how the
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The Crush It Report – Volume 6

The 3 Deadly Myths of Entrepreneurship Ignore this at your peril! In true “Crush It” fashion, here are the 3 Deadly Myths of Entrepreneurship. Myth #1:  Going into business for yourself is risky The safest thing to do is work for a corporation where you get benefits, guaranteed vacation days, and year-end bonuses. REALITY:  This myth can’t be farther from the truth!  If you
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Nutritional Information On Vending Machines

A new law signed into effect back in March will require all vending machines to display nutritional information about each product so consumers can make more informed decisions. Sounds reasonable, right? Don’t you want to know what’s in the food you’re buying BEFORE you buy it? However, some vendors think this law is unreasonable.
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The Crush It Report – Volume II

Burning desire is the quintessential, required ingredient every successful entrepreneur MUST have before anything else.

It’s the “thing” that gets you out of bed in the morning, excited to start your day, and fully prepared to “Crush It.” And you know we’re all about “Crushing It” here at HUMAN Healthy Vending
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