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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Coming To LA!

The Food Revolution In an interview with SlashFood, Jaime Oliver talks about bringing his Food Revolution to Los Angeles….whether they want him or not. He has already been denied access by L.A. School Officials, but is determined to make Los Angeles his next destination for his hit TV show.  When asked about the rebuttal by school officials Oliver replied, “If I really want to
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Why Americans Are Dying Sooner!

A couple of days ago I turned on the TV and started flipping from channel to channel, perusing all my usual suspects; ESPN, Discovery, Food Network, NFL Network, etc. I ended up watching EXTREME Pig Outs on the Travel Channel, and I couldn’t turn away.  If you haven’t seen the show, it is pretty straightforward. They travel the country looking for the biggest, greasiest,
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The Biggest Loser Needs Nutritious Snacks…Why Not Healthy Vending?

It is a common misconception that snacking throughout the day is a “bad move” for your diet. While watching an episode of NBC’s The Biggest Loser this past season, many of the contestants reflected upon their success stories…dropping the pounds while keeping snacks in the picture. As long as snack choices are low in calories and portion size, nibbling between meals actually helps to
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