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HUMAN is a one-of-a-kind nutritional distribution platform that brings healthier foods and drinks to people across the nation via Healthy Vending Machines, Healthy Micro Markets and Healthy Snack Delivery.


  • HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise

Why Apple, Tesla, and Others Choose the HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise

Companies across the US, including Apple, Tesla, and BlueCross BlueShield, are recognizing H.U.M.A.N.'s healthy micro markets as innovative and trendy solutions to poor eating. But even more, these companies, renowned worldwide as millennial thinkers and innovators, recognize H.U.M.A.N.'s potential.
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  • Gift of Health on a Global Level

Healthy Snack Delivery Gives Gift of Health on a Global Level

It’s one week before Thanksgiving! Here at HUMAN, as the second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) discusses worldwide nutrition issues and solutions, we are expressing our gratitude for our health and for salt. Unbeknownst to most, salt is one of the first foods in the US to be fortified by nutrients as a preventive measure against common diseases. Because of salt, we at HUMAN are able to practice our own form of food fortification and provide a solution to one of the world’s greatest nutrition issues: malnutrition.
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The HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Is Taking Off

As our recent inclusion in Delta Sky magazine shows, the HUMAN healthy vending franchise is taking off…literally.
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Vending Franchises Offer More Than Healthy Snacks

John LaRoy not only coaches baseball at a local High School in Chicago, he also coaches students in the ways of healthy living, by introducing them to HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition).
By |Oct, 31, 2014|CRUSH IT REPORT, HUMAN Franchisees, News, Our Partners|

The HUMAN Healthy Vending Brand

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Business Insider recognizes HUMAN Healthy Vending as one of the “31 Coolest Offices You’ve Ever Seen.” Like the Silicon Valley greats that […]

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