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HUMAN is a one-of-a-kind nutritional distribution platform that brings healthier foods and drinks to people across the nation via Healthy Vending Machines, Healthy Micro Markets and Healthy Snack Delivery.


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How We Sold 5,000,000 Healthy Snacks In 2014

If you're wondering how we sold 5,000,000 healthy snacks last year, keep reading. In the meantime, I have some questions for you to answer...
By |Jan, 22, 2015|H.U.M.A.N.|
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HUMAN’s Competitive Edge: Beyond the Healthy Vending Platform

This might make us trend setters, but when it comes to HUMAN’s long term, competitive edge, our platform is only step one…
By |Jan, 16, 2015|H.U.M.A.N.|
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The Trend That’s Driving the Vending Machine Business

Have you ever wished it was easier to eat healthy? Do you know anyone who struggles with making healthy choices?
By |Jan, 08, 2015|H.U.M.A.N.|
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Has Happiness Made HUMAN Healthy Vending More Successful?

Is enjoying your life the key to a successful career or business? Is it possible that mere happiness is the ultimate key to success? Sean Kelly, HUMAN’s Co-Founder, is a major believer. He explains that we must change our conceptions of success—moreover, we must stop “living for the weekend.”
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HUMAN Healthy Vending asks: Will You Be Among 64% Still Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution in January?

With the end of the year steadily approaching, have you begun to contemplate your personal, business-related, and health-focused goals? Most likely you have given some thought to these changes and have given yourself an anticipated start date of January 1st.