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Note From the Founders


How to Create Massive Wealth in 2011

Happy New Year!

Since it’s the first week of an ENTIRELY NEW YEAR, I really want to kick off 2011 with some highly-valuable, CONCRETE ideas on how to create massive wealth for you and your family.

…and I’m not JUST talking about money here!

Yes, money is an important component of wealth, but there are many other parts that comprise wealth…like happiness, your health, fulfilling relationships, and much more.

Becoming truly “wealthy” is a noble goal for us all, and my goal with your weekly “Crush It Reports” is to help you become wealthier in all aspects of your life.  I want you to be successful in business AND your personal life, because that’s what life is all about!

So, let me break it down for you…

Continuing on with some concepts from Paul Zane Pilzer’s book, The Next Millionaires, I’m going to show you how to massively increase your personal wealth in 2011.

W = P x T

Yes, it all starts with a simple equation.

W = P x T

W stands for “Wealth”

P stands for “Personal Resources”

T stands for “Personal Technology”

…and yes, Wealth equals your Personal Resources times your Personal Technology.

Your Personal Resources are:

–       The people you know

–       The businesses you know from direct experience

–       The amount of time you have

Your Personal Technology is:

–       Your basic skills – reading, writing, speaking

–       Your functional skills – specialized skills, anything that gives you a unique edge

–       Your adapting skills – your ability to learn new things

Bottom line:  When you apply your Personal Technology to your Personal Resources, you multiply your productivity, which means you get more stuff done in less time.  This is how you create Wealth.

So, what’s the single most important skill (“T”) for anyone starting in business today?

It’s you’re ability to adapt – the ability with which you learn new things.   Yes, more than any other factor, how you manage your Personal Technology today is what can make you one of the Next Millionaires tomorrow.

Technology is determined by the rate of information exchange.  You can increase your “T” by improving your speed of communication and the speed at which you learn and adapt to new things.

At HUMAN, we operate under the abundance mentality:  There is no limit to resources, no limit to technology, no limit to demand, and no limit to wealth.  The only limit you have is the limit of your most precious resource: time.

You can neither create nor destroy time…you can only become more efficient with the time you have, and this involves leveraging your Personal Technology.

Interested in increasing your personal wealth in 2011?

My business mentor, Eben Pagan, just released an all-new PDF report sharing the “dirty secrets” of money and what it takes to get ahead in this sideways economy.

I highly recommend you download it.  It’s incredibly valuable and totally free:


Talk to you next week!

Best in Health & Wealth,

Sean and Andy
Founders, HUMAN Healthy Vending


Want to learn more about creating massive self-made wealth?



The Year We Stopped Talking

3 Reasons Face Time is More Valuable Than Ever Before

A couple of months ago, one of my closest friends decided he wanted to quit his job.  It wasn’t working out the way he liked, and in general he felt like it was time for a change of pace.  Without any sure job replacement lined up, he quit.  After a week of relaxation, he decided it was time to start looking for a new job.   Where was the first place he went?  You guessed it, Google.

After finding and applying to a handful of jobs, he found one position that stood out above the rest; it was a job with the nations top solar technology company.  He applied online, as per request, but decided instead of stopping there he would follow up with them in person.  He cleaned himself up, put on a nice shirt, and drove 20 minutes to their corporate headquarters.  He walked inside and asked to speak with the HR person who received his application.

He was introduced, the HR person took about a minute to scan over his resume and invited him to come back a couple of hours later for an interview.  After the interview,  my friend received an offer to join the company and the HR person told him, “Thank you for coming in and meeting me in person.  I get so many emails and applications these days that I often put them off for days or weeks.  It was refreshing for someone qualified to walk in the door and introduce themselves in person.”

This comment struck a chord with me.  It’s true, in today’s business environment face-to-face contact is quite rare, and its scarcity makes it more valuable than ever before.  We get bombarded with emails and offers, so much so that it is easy to become numb to the growing list of emails in your inbox.  Here are three reasons why you should walk in the front door and meet your next potential customer.

1. More Personal

Taking the time to meet someone in person is a much more personal experience then emailing or calling.  Even if you are only able to manage a quick chat or introduction, this will help put a face to your identity and will ensure your potential customers treat you as a person and not just an email address.  I don’t recommend ditching email, Facebook or Twitter; just realize they are tools to help us build relationships with people, not relationships in and of themselves.

2.  Decision Makers Are Overloaded With Responsibility

As an entrepreneur, you are familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed.  In business, the people who can help out are 99% of the time the ones at the company who are most overwhelmed.  It is important to realize the people who are trying to get in contact with, whether they are a gym owner or a school principle, are just as overloaded as you are.   If you really want to speak with them, try to set a face-to-face meeting or if they are reluctant to plan a time to meet in person, just show up at a time you think they will be around.  It is much more difficult to decline someone’s offer in person, than by email.  If you are an organic vending machine operator and are trying to land a top location, don’t hesitate to show up and make your presence known.

3. Builds Trust

If you are able to present yourself well, it will build trust between you and a potential customer, and even if you don’t land the particular contract you are looking for, a good presentation will certainly increase your odds of getting referred to other potential customers.   Remember, potential customers are usually friends with other potential customers.  If they are in the same industry, word gets around when a new service is offered.  If you have a meeting with a school that for whatever reason doesn’t end up in a signed contract. make sure to ask if they know any other schools of districts that would be interested.   School principles generally know other school principles personally.

Key Points

In this digital age of instant communication, fast food, tweeting and pinging; sometimes we can get caught up and forget the best way to leave an impression on someone is to look them in the eyes and introduce yourself.  Give it a try next time you are looking to score a new contract, make a sales pitch or just make a new friend.


Motivational Video of the Week: Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture”

At HUMAN we try to evaluate everything we do in terms of the big picture.  It is very important for us to continually assess how much value we are offering others in both the business world and our personal lives.  It is an important exercise because it ensures that you don’t remain static and continue progressing.  After watching this video the need for continual evaluation becomes shockingly apparent.

If you knew you were going to die in 3 to 4 months, what would you be doing with your life?  What would you leave behind?  What would you tell others?  Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Melon University, has gone through this experience and carefully chose exactly what he wanted to do in his last 4 months on earth.  After being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, he spend the last months of his life planning and delivering his “last lecture”.  He is a remarkable man, and his lecture about fulfilling childhood dreams, which has over 12 million views on Youtube, is inspiring, powerful, and thought provoking.

Take some time to watch the whole thing, I guarantee it will give you something to think about.



Biomedical Engineer who earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & Columbia University. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-Founded America’s first Pure Play healthy vending company in 2003.
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