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What feature sets HUMAN apart from every other franchise business? Social entrepreneurs.

Not only are HUMAN’s Co-Founders Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen dedicated social entrepreneurs who started a business with a mission but also they pride themselves on creating a company that encourages and develops other social entrepreneurs.

Kusha Karvandi, HUMAN Social Entrepreneur

Kusha Karvandi, HUMAN Social Entrepreneur

One of the best examples of a HUMAN social entrepreneur in action is Kusha Karvandi of San Diego, CA. Kusha runs a HUMAN Healthy Vending route, recently published two books on the topic of social entrepreneurship and just launched an app with a socially responsible tie-in.

The Books: Social Entrepreneurs at HUMAN

In Kusha’s books, Leadership Reciprocity and Social Entrepreneur: Innovating for fiscal responsibility & social benevolence, Kusha reviews key qualities that social entrepreneurs exhibit and calls out HUMAN’s leaders and HUMAN as an organization for successfully embodying these characteristics. He points out that through his personal experiences with Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen’s leadership, he has been inspired to become a social entrepreneur. With a mission to give back to his community and improve childhood nutrition, Kusha operates his HUMAN Healthy Vending route that allows him to aid his community in snacking more healthfully.

The Cause: Young Social Entrepreneurs

In addition to HUMAN Healthy Vending’s leadership and individual operators being social entrepreneursKusha calls out HUMAN’s greater philanthropic efforts as a company overall: our charitable efforts known as HUMAN Everywhere. Through this charity, HUMAN donates 10% of its profits to the Young Entrepreneurs Program which empowers youth in under-served areas to become social entrepreneurs and masters of their own health by owning and operating their own healthy vending businesses.

The App: Workouts That Give Back

On top of Kusha’s HUMAN Healthy Vending business and his authorship of two books, Kusha has taken on another project as a social entrepreneur. He is launching an app called Exerscribe that creates customized workout plans for users and donates 10% of the profits to HUMAN’s charitable endeavor, HUMAN Everywhere.

HUMAN is proud to have helped this burgeoning social entrepreneur (and many others) achieve his goals and develop into a successful business owner with a mission.

Want to find out how you can become a successful social entrepreneur? Download:

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide To Launching & Growing A Healthy Automated Retail Business.”

The HUMAN Healthy Platform Handbook

If you’d like a HUMAN healthy vending machine, snack delivery service or micro-market at your school, gym, hospital or office location, please contact us HERE.

We’d love to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

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Biomedical Engineer who earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & Columbia University. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-Founded America’s first Pure Play healthy vending company in 2003.
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