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HUMAN Attends Inaugural Health Matters Conference

Bill Clinton, Jillian Michaels Join the Movement to End Obesity

As you may have heard, last Monday and Tuesday marked important days for HUMAN Healthy Vending, and the country as a whole.

HUMAN had the pleasure of being invited to the Health Matters conference that kicked off the HUMANA Challenge. Andy and Sean joined the front lines in Indian Wells, California, along with nutrition experts, athletes, A-list celebrities, and President Bill Clinton. All speakers made sincere pronouncements about the importance of health and fitness.

Tuesday’s discussions organized by the Clinton Foundation were based on the health problems facing our country–primarily those that are preventable–like obesity and type II diabetes. The most outstanding messages of the day were to educate, keep it simple, and move more and eat less.

The newly named Humana Challenge – formerly the Bob Hope Classic – began with talks on ways to make America healthier – and a panel of well known faces.

Clinton moderated the discussion between health and fitness experts about the best ways to cure America’s obesity problem, one of the biggest health concerns facing our nation.

“One out of two Americans have diabetes or prediabetes,” said Dr. Mark Hyman with the Institute for Functional Medicine. That can be prevented by eating the right kinds of food.

Fitness Guru and Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels, encouraged Americans to get moving. She put that advice into action with a 7:45 am workout Tuesday morning. Let us tell you, she kicked our butts! She had us working up a sweat with jumps, pushups and lunges. Yeah baby!

Check out this video of Michaels giving advice and addressing some BIG problems.

Michaels addressed two main problems–lack of convenient access to healthy foods AND resources in our schools–that we at HUMAN are tackling by placing healthy vending machines in the areas that need them most.

NBC NEWS Chief Health Correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, also spoke at the health conference. She stated that obesity is the biggest health problem facing Americans.

“There is a real chance to make a difference, but goes back to simple things in life. You have to eat well and make food affordable to people, get outside, and in this area – no excuses, and unplug from all tech suff we are stuck with,” said .

It’s advice that has been known forever: eat less, move more…and you’ll lose weight and be healthier. Simple stuff that most Americans have a hard time following.

Did you know that this is the first time in history where children are expected to live shorter lives than their parents? That’s a scary statistic that we can’t let become a reality.

That’s why getting involved in these types of conferences is so important to us. At HUMAN, we believe in our mission and will do everything it takes to increase access to nutrition, make healthy foods more affordable, and educate people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with changing habits. Education is the driving force behind changing unhealthy habits.


Biomedical Engineer who earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & Columbia University. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-Founded America’s first Pure Play healthy vending company in 2003.
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