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Raised by wild animals, Patrick is not fit for modern society. He is a freak of nature focused completely on creating automated systems that create optimal efficiency in manufacturing, logistics, and technical support. His restless nature and curiosity has led him to hold varied professions, including construction worker, truck driver, and distribution center supervisor before joining forces with HUMAN to fight obesity and train entrepreneurs. When not crushing work he can be found fishing, snowboarding, or backpacking.

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Perspective Is Everything!

Sometimes the easiest way to achieve success or to view your own progress in life is to change your perspective. This sounds obvious but I think it’s overlooked and undervalued by most people. In Rory Sutherland’s TED Talk he gives some great examples of how the same situation can be viewed or judged dramatically based on your perspective. For example: Taking a year off
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Scared of Sodium?

Recently, I was at a HUMAN Everywhere charity event at the YMCA when a mom came up to sample a certain brand of unarguably healthy bean-based chips with nothing artificial in them. She scoffed at the numbers on the package and said, “These still have sodium in them. That’s not healthy. I don’t let my kids have any salt or sugar.” My initial thoughts
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Choice – Are You Making The Right One?

Welfare and individual freedom are concepts that are closely related. Our country was founded on the principles of individual freedom. But how do we break that concept down to practical ideas? It comes down to choice, as Barry Schwartz states in his TED Talk. Life and business comes down to a series of choices. And when you increase the amount of choices that your
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Eliminating Distractions for a Happier, More Productive Life

The advent of the internet and cellular technology has connected us all. Communication can be instantaneous among coworkers, clients, and loved ones. The phrase “It’s a small world” is becoming truer by the day. Smartphones, instant messenger, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, e-mail, text messages…the ways in which we can connect are endless. The efficiencies it has created are impressive. No longer do we have to
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What does winning mean to you?

According to Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, winning in the business world relies on practicing these basic principles: •The importance of a mission statement and values for a company. •How a lack of candor is bad for business. •Differentiation isn’t cruel and Darwinian, but fair and effective. •How to manage crises under the guidance of a plan of action. •How
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Your Brain and Obesity

Obesity is a catch-phrase and a condition that you’d have to be living under a rock not to know about. Much media hype surrounds the condition, and there are a lot of misunderstandings about its true causes. Most people have a grasp on the factors surrounding obesity (the calorie intake/burn balance, genes, metabolism, behavior, culture, environment, and socioeconomic status), and much of the debate
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Joseph Chammas CRUSHES IT In The Kitchen With Raw Foods!

At H.U.M.A.N. we love partnering with people who are passionate about improving themselves constantly.  Our operators are out-going, entrepreneurial, positive, and love to better themselves when others would rather just sit at home and watch TV. Joseph Chammas has made H.U.M.A.N. proud by earning his Raw Foods Certification from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute!  The program he completed teaches aspiring chefs how to
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Why is Nutrition Important? Obesity Wrecks HAVOC on Children’s Self-Esteem

I’m the headline wasn’t a huge newsflash to anyone reading this.  In fact, most of our blog postings don’t break any new ground and reveal any truths unknown to mankind about healthy eating and nutrition.  The point is to shine light on some obvious truths that we’ve all forgotten.  That’s why I’m going to take all this talk about childhood obesity down to who
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Proof That High Schoolers WANT to See Nutrition Facts!

I distinctly remember getting scolded by my mom when I woke up early one morning in Junior High and made what I thought was the most brilliant breakfast food ever: toast with mayonnaise and bacon on top.  Sounds delicious, right? You bet your sweet cherry pie it was delicious and it was worth every look of disappointment that I got that morning in the
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Post Workout Nutrition & Why It’s Important!

One important and often overlooked aspects of eating healthy is timing.  Eating healthy is one thing, but eating healthy at the right times is taking it to a whole new level! Of course, every knows about eating a big healthy breakfast first thing in the morning to kick-start your metabolism.  However, do you know what type of fuel your body needs after working out?
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