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USDA MyPyramid Partners: Working to Combat Obesity and Promote Nutrition!

Whenever I hear “USDA,” I automatically think of steak. Does that happen to anyone else? Well, if you’re like me, you should remind yourself that the USDA is not just a grader of meat; it is an executive department of the U.S. government! This department is responsible for developing and regulating federal policy on farming, agriculture, and food. With healthcare concerns at the forefront

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Eating Healthy is Easier and More Affordable Than Ever!

Remember that old excuse we used to have about eating poorly? You know, the one where we claim it’s “too expensive” to buy the healthy stuff? Well, that excuse is going out the window because the price of healthy snacks & beverages are finally starting to compete with their junk food counterparts. This means it should be easier for us to make smarter snacking

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