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Sean Kelly, HUMAN Founder, 2nd time social entrepreneur, competitive snowboarder, one of Forbes’ 30 under 30, a Next Generation Entrepreneur (CNN), a Top 25 Young Entrepreneur (Businessweek), and the man who brought you the healthy vending machine, is about to blow your mind…again.

What is the American Dream?

To put what I’m about to tell you in perspective, first ask yourself…are you “living the dream?” Do you work hard to create a better life for your family? Do you crave financial independence? Control of your own destiny? And even freedom?

Only in America
Can a guy from anywhere
Go to sleep a pauper and wake up a millionaire
Only in America
Can a kid without a cent
Get a break and maybe grow up to be President
Listen to “Only in America” by Jay and the Americans here.

Similarly, only in America do we define ourselves by our ability to accumulate wealth, and only in America do we work ourselves to the ground in order to create a “better life.” Again, ask yourself…what’s the purpose of amassing more money, gaining more recognition, and creating more “success” if in doing so we’re miserable?

Working smarter, not harder.

HUMAN’s business model is centered around making money even while you’re not working. It’s about providing offices, schools and community partners what they need, without driving yourself to the ground.

Here are 5 productivity tips from Sean that will help you do it too. By working smarter, you can double your workday productivity, and find more time to be happy.

1. Huddle and speak your intentions. Huddles aren’t just for sports teams! A morning huddle is your opportunity to verbalize your intentions for the day, reinforce team coheshion and hold yourself (and others) accountable for daily performance.

All it takes is three to six minutes to get together with your co-workers, department or leadership team and ensure everyone is aligned for that day. Every person in the huddle should state his/her crucial goals for the day and let others know if they are needed. If you don’t have a team, huddle with your coach, direct supervisor or accountability buddy for a quick check-in call. Standing in the huddle keeps everyone alert and efficient.

2. Do the toughest and most important thing on your to-do list first. We typically don’t want to do our toughest tasks first but it is to our advantage to accomplish what I call the “main crucial” while our ego/willpower depletion is at a minimum.

When thinking about the most important task for the day, ask yourself what you can do today that will provide the most value to your company. List these tasks at the start of the week and revise the list nightly for the next day. Only after we’ve taken care of our most important work should we begin tasks that require less energy, like checking our email (but don’t do that without having a strategy first!). [Click here to continue reading at]


To learn more about pursuing happiness by owning a HUMAN Franchise, download the HUMAN Handbook here:


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Jessica Conflitti

Franchise Consultant at HUMAN Healthy Vending
A passionate singer, yogi, and vegan baker, you can usually count on Jessica to be writing songs, inventing recipes, or doing handstands. Most notably, Jessica is recognized (by her parents) for a 3 minute vocal solo at Carnegie Hall (at 13), by her friends for her amazing Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and also by her yogi friends for her recent mastery of Camel Pose. In all seriousness, Jessica is beyond excited work for H.U.M.A.N., and to share her passion for health with people everywhere.
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