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What Separates the Best Food Franchises from the Rest?

The best food franchises don’t get to the top by accident.

Behind every successful franchise, there is a proven, time-tested business model that has been carefully designed (and fine-tuned) to keep customers coming back, over and over again.

When comparing franchises as a new entrepreneur, it’s easy to assume that the most successful companies are those with the most locations. If you see the same logo everywhere, then it must be the best, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. While multiple locations can be a sign of success (particularly for a franchisor), there’s a chance that the individual owners of those locations are barely making any money at all.

So, what’s the secret behind the best food franchises around the world? Below are a few of the crucial ingredients that are typically what propel these businesses to the top.


Secrets of the Best Food Franchises

Great food.
Seems obvious, right? But by “great,” we don’t just mean the food tastes good. We mean that the business’s entire product line is near perfect. They have all the options people crave – not too much, not too little. And the business updates its offerings as market demands change over the years, without losing focus on the foods that its customers love most.

Exceptional support for franchisees.
This is one of the most overlooked aspects of the best food franchises. Without support and proper training from the franchisor, a franchisee’s business is practically dead in the water. The most successful companies help their business owners as much as possible, because it ultimately benefits everyone in the organization.

Well-planned locations.
The top franchises seem like they could be successful wherever they open a new location – but that’s no accident either. To reach that kind of success, these companies needed to plan their locations very carefully, ensuring there was little competition and strong demand in that market.

Good value.
You could have the perfect product, but if it’s not priced right, then the business will never reach its full potential. The best food franchises price their products in a way that customers not only get a good deal, but also a great value.

Commitment to customer satisfaction.
In the food industry, good service is just as important as the quality of the food itself. Whether that means a smiling cashier, a friendly waitress, or a vending machine that’s super easy to use, successful businesses do everything they can to serve their customers as best as possible.

Efficient, easily duplicable model.
One of the key advantages of opening a franchise is that you can essentially “copy” the success of other business-owners before you. That’s why the best franchises use a finely tuned business model that’s easy to follow and duplicate to ensure each entrepreneur’s success.


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