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What Makes HUMAN One of the Best Companies for Vending Machines?

When it comes to healthy vending, HUMAN is certainly the best possible choice for new franchisees. Why is this true? First of all, they were the first company to offer 100% healthy vending machines. This means they also have the most experience. Another benefit of becoming a member of the HUMAN team is gaining access to educational events organized across the country to raise awareness of obesity related health problems. HUMAN is one of the best companies for vending machines in general because they offer more than just profit, they offer the opportunity to better society.

Providing access to healthy foods

The vending industry is a highly profitable one. People nowadays spend a lot of time outside of their homes, either for school or for business purposes. Unfortunately, this results in a imbalance in dieting. Oftentimes parents work long hours at the office and are unable to prepare home-cooked meals. So, after work they hop by to the nearest fast food restaurant and pick up “lunch” from there. Unfortunately, these “lunches” often have almost no nutritive values in them whatsoever. So, kids and parents alike end up eating junk-food for lunch on a daily basis. That’s why HUMAN, one of the best companies for vending machines in the nation, is determined to provide convenient access to healthy foods to communities all over the country.

How HUMAN operates

HUMAN Healthy Vending relies on their network of social entrepreneurs who are all helping spread HUMAN’s mission, which is providing people from all over the country with healthy products. By becoming a HUMAN franchisee, these entrepreneurs are not only making a profit, but are also doing something good for their communities. Obesity rates in this country are staggering: every third adult American is considered to be obese. Right behind Kuwait, America is ranked #2 in the list of countries with highest obesity rates. HUMAN believes the main reasons for this are lack of education and lack of access to healthy foods. This is why they organize educational seminars, workshops and programs across the US to help people better understand the consequences of poor dieting. This makes HUMAN one of the best companies for vending machines, as they offer their consumers more than just healthy food.

Healthy vending products

The reasons HUMAN is considered to be among the best companies for vending machines are the quality of service, and the quality of products. When it comes to these, HUMAN allows no discrepancies. They have a team of experts who help select only the finest products on the market. They allow only minimal amounts of additives like artificial colors, sweeteners and MSG. Also, HUMAN encourages their operators to source food locally as much as they can to support the local businesses.

Healthy Vending machines

Finally, the one thing that probably distinguishes HUMAN the most from their competition are their machines. When it comes to this, HUMAN definitely is one of the best companies for vending machines. These machines are like no other on the market and are superior to the traditional vending machines in every way. Their design is colorful, innovative and interactive. They offer more payment options than just the traditional cash/coin system – a viable option is payment via cards (credit or schools/company ID). Also, HUMAN will soon implement their next-generation machines on the market. These machines will be even more versatile in the payment section – they will offer payment via mobile device. This will allow the HUMAN franchisees to track sales numbers more easily, and it will allow the customers to track their previous orders. In all cases, HUMAN proves to be one of the best companies for vending machines. If you want to know more, click here.