HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Reviews
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HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchisee Reviews

“I chose to affiliate with HUMAN because they really have a plan to develop additional revenue opportunities aside from just selling products in the machines. I was also very impressed with Andy and Sean’s vision and I got a really positive feeling from my conversations with them that I didn’t get from some of the other options I was exploring!”
- Travis Miller, Partner Operator in Baltimore, MD

“What drew us towards HUMAN was the focus on healthy living, and the opportunity to create a business around that. Obesity is a huge problem. People talk about it but very few actually act on it. This is a big action moment to be able to bring HUMAN into our community. People really welcome us in when we come and talk about the whole program and what we’re doing. We just want to increase awareness of these products and make them more readily available to our community”
- Buck and Meggie Bradberry, Partner Operators in Greenville, SC