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Leadership Team

The HUMAN team is spearheaded by passionate professionals dedicated to the spread of
the healthy lifestyle and the defeat of preventable disease.

Sean Kelly
Sean KellyChief Humanist, Co-Founder
Biomedical Engineer who earned his degree from The Johns Hopkins University & Columbia University. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 in 2013. Co-Founded America’s first Pure Play healthy vending company in 2003.

Andy Mackensen
Andy MackensenCMO, Co-founder
Social entrepreneur and former Naval Officer who led a Special Forces fast-boat team in the Iraq War, Andy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that help make the world a better place. Andy earned a BS from Boston University and an MBA from Stanford University. He lives in Manhattan Beach, CA with his wife Carrie, son Brady, and dog Lucky.

Edward Kushell, Board of Advisors

Kushell is a former franchisor of over 400 very successful franchises, a franchisee of multiple units in the fast food business, a Past President of the International Franchise Association, a member of the Board of Directors of several known franchise companies and consultant to nearly 1,000 companies either engaged in or contemplating franchising. He has been retained as an Expert Witness in nearly 100 franchise or franchise related cases.

Mark Siegel, Board of Advisors

Mark Siegel is a dynamic business leader with twenty years of global experience and hands-on operational management across growth businesses, turnarounds, restructurings, and business model transitions. Mark has served in Executive and Management roles for Fortune 500 companies including Mattel, Petsmart, and Equity Marketing along with private equity and family-owned businesses such as Stravina Operating Company and Teleflora. Mark’s strength is his ability to marry strategic thinking, financial discipline, and personnel management with enthusiasm, energy, and innovation. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to HUMAN.

Brett Johnson, Board of Advisors

Brett Johnson is an accomplished business leader and connector. Brett has served as President of Targus, the leading global provider of mobile computing solutions with sales of $545 million. He has also served as CEO and President of Forward Industries (NASDAQ: FORD), which designs, sources, markets, and distributes consumer electronic products including smartphones and tablets. Currently, Brett is the CEO of Benevolent Capital Partners and Advisors, a private equity and consulting company. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Blyth Inc. (NYSE: BTH), a $1 billion direct to consumer sales company in the health & wellness space, and is a member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO).

Two People… One Bright Idea!


Sean and Andy met over lunch in August of 2007 at the PF Chang’s in El Segundo, CA thanks to a mutual friend’s introduction (don’t worry, they only ate the few healthier, “HUMAN-approved” menu items). At the time, Sean was preparing to leave his previous company to start a new and improved healthy vending venture while Andy was neck-deep in the creation of an innovative, hot food vending concept after graduating from business school.

After masterminding together for a few months, it became clear to Andy and Sean that they worked well together, had the same core values, and had a congruent vision for what they wanted to achieve by way of social entrepreneurship. Thus, Sean and Andy officially became business partners not out of design but rather serendipity, and with that, the wild and ambitious idea to “make healthy food more convenient than junk food” was born. HUMAN launched in the summer of 2008, and the rest, as they say, is history…




Andy Mackensen (left) and Sean Kelly (right) launched HUMAN in 2008 to help make healthy food more convenient than junk food.

What we’re made of


The HUMAN concept launched in 2008 and as rewarding as our history has been, it’s the future we’re most excited about. Each member of our team is here not only because they’re ridiculously talented, but because they love what they do.


<strong>John Pinto</strong>
John PintoDirector of SnackNation

“I’m passionate about connecting like-minded people who are working towards a common goal – Easy Nutrition Everywhere!”

<strong>Brandon Garrett, Esq.</strong>
Brandon Garrett, Esq.C.O.O. and General Counsel

“Leading a healthy lifestyle results in living a long and happy life — which everyone deserves!  Working at HUMAN allows me to assist entrepreneurs around the world in making healthy decisions easy for everyone.”

<strong>Bill Wotochek</strong>
Bill WotochekDir of Franchise Development

“Being a part of a team that develops relationships with, and welcomes new passionate franchisees into the HUMAN family is truly an honor and what we are most grateful for!”

<strong>Eric Gunter</strong>
Eric GunterOperations Manager

“I am HUMAN because we stand for a better tomorrow, making healthy nutrition easily accessible everywhere.  Humanists won’t stop till we see it happen!”

<strong>Travis Miller</strong>
Travis MillerCreative Director

“I support HUMAN’s mission to conquer childhood malnutrition by creating video that is fun and educational.”

<strong>Alex Mical</strong>
Alex MicalDir of Business Optimization

“I believe that everyone deserves the chance to choose health, happiness and success for themselves – and we are privileged enough to stand at the forefront and lead the way.”

<strong>Scott Caselnova</strong>
Scott CaselnovaEasy Nutrition Specialist

“Here at HUMAN, I get the opportunity to share my passion for health and wellness and help improve the quality of life for people everywhere.”

<strong>Amy Coplen</strong>
Amy CoplenMarketing Queen

“At HUMAN we create & inspire social entrepreneurs. I feel like I’m part of something really special & I get to portray that vision everyday through web design. How cool is that?”

<strong>JD Snyder</strong>
JD SnyderSales Development Rep

“I’m passionate about creating a healthier world for both children and adults.  I’m just a child of mother nature!”

<strong>Stanton Saiki</strong>
Stanton SaikiStrategic Partnership Development

“It’s great to work with a hodgepodge group of dedicated people that are all passionate about making the world a better place, one day at a time.”

<strong>Kevin Dorsey</strong>
Kevin DorseyDirector of LDA

“Extremely passionate about helping as many people as I can reach and accomplish their goals. Both in business and in health.”

<strong>Reilly Nelson</strong>
Reilly NelsonCompliance Associate

“Having grown up skiing in an active mountain town, I was blessed to be surrounded by healthy lifestyles. Everyone, no matter what their location or station in life, should have access to healthy choices.”

<strong>Emil Shour</strong>
Emil ShourMarketing Coordinator

“HUMAN allows me the opportunity to combine my passions for health and personal development, while also feeding my voracious appetite for healthy snacks!”

<strong>Tyler Honaker</strong>
Tyler HonakerDirector of Finance

“I joined the HUMAN team to not only make an impact on my and generations to come, but also to grow both personally and professionally. The atmosphere is electric!”

<strong>Jenna Karas</strong>
Jenna KarasFranchise Consultant

“With passion for outdoor adventure and fitness, I love hiking, camping and lifting heavy objects at CrossFit.”

<strong>Laura Carneal</strong>
Laura CarnealSales Development Rep

“H.U.M.A.N. reinforces my personal belief that choosing the right foods to fuel your body is one of the most powerful choices you have in life!”

<strong>Mara Gilliani</strong>
Mara GillianiProducts Manager

“HUMAN has given me the opportunity to help others by sharing my passion for healthy living.”

<strong>Josh Gallner</strong>
Josh GallnerSales Development Rep

“I am passionate about spreading health and happiness throughout the world.”

<strong>Zak Edgington</strong>
Zak EdgingtonEasy Nutrition Specialist

“I am passionate about helping children and adults across the world understand the importance of health and nutrition.”

<strong>Jessica Conflitti</strong>
Jessica ConflittiFranchise Development Consultant

“I love Easy Nutrition Everywhere!”

<strong>Kara Perez</strong>
Kara PerezSales Development Rep

“I am passionate about health and nutrition!”

<strong>Ryan Jackson</strong>
Ryan JacksonFulfillment Specialist

“I’m passionate about bringing nutrition to offices around the country.”

<strong>Sophia Lopez</strong>
Sophia LopezCommunications

“We are all entitled to live a healthful life- physically, mentally, and spiritually. I love that my job is to share this message with the world.”

<strong>Stephen Krikorian</strong>
Stephen KrikorianCorporate Nutrition Consultant

“At HUMAN, I have become a vital part of helping many noblemen launch businesses that help crush junk food to its eventual demise.  For that, I thank you.”

<strong>Diana de la Torre</strong>
Diana de la TorreWellness Consultant

“I’m a Snack Peddler Extraordinaire at SnackNation!”

<strong>Jenefer Rodriguez</strong>
Jenefer RodriguezCommunications

“My goal is to bring nutrition to as many schools, offices, gyms and hospitals as possible!”

<strong>Jason Bang</strong>
Jason BangDirector of Operations

“I am passionate about being an innovator and carving a future for the HUMAN system.”

<strong>Jeff Howe</strong>
Jeff HoweSales Development Rep

“I’m on a mission to change people’s lives by making healthy food more convenient than junk food and allowing them to live their life to the fullest!”

<strong>Michael Bolivar</strong>
Michael BolivarCorporate Wellness Coach

“I’m passionate about bringing healthier foods to your business or school. And singing!”

<strong>Marea Bacin-Perez</strong>
Marea Bacin-PerezFinance Associate

“I’m passionate about helping unite mankind and nutrition.”

<strong>Hannah Avellaneda</strong>
Hannah AvellanedaFranchise Consultant

“Yoga is one of the components that has led me to live a healthy lifestyle as a learned discipline, and working at HUMAN is in perfect alignment with this mentality!”

<strong>Jared Dillon</strong>
Jared DillonWellness Consultant

“By being apart of the SnackNation team I am excited for the opportunity to directly impact HUMAN’s mission: Making healthy food more convenient than junk food.”

<strong>Jennifer Eisenberg</strong>
Jennifer EisenbergWellness Consultant

“At HUMAN I am inspired both personally and professionally, all while inspiring others to make healthy choices to live healthier, happier lives!”