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Healthy Vending Location Reviews

School Principal’s Amazing Discovery:

Kick Out the Junk – Keep All the Commission

Orchard Park High School Principal, Jon Wolf, took a leap of faith by replacing junk food machines with HUMAN Healthy Vending machines. He made an amazing discovery: You can earn the same commission on healthy products, while improving the lives of students!

Check out the interview: As you can see,HUMAN Healthy Vending Orchard Park NY has instated a massively successful healthy vending program in Orchard Park High School. Principal Wolf loves the fact that his school is able to provide healthy options to students, and it isn’t at the cost of fundraising for the clubs. Wolf also comments on the cutting edge technology with which the machine is equipped. The students and faculty love it!


Healthy Vending in Haddonfield, NJ

Food Service Manager Praises HUMAN Program

Check out this testimonial given by Dan Witkowski, Regional Food Service Manager for Nutri-Serve, which serves schools in the Haddonfield, NJ area:Witkowski commendsHUMAN Healthy Vending Haddonfield NJ for its dedication in ending the obesity epidemic. He notes that students are very sports-oriented in the Haddonfield area, thus their decision to incorporate HUMAN vending machines was a no-brainer.Witkowski discusses the benefits of HUMAN partner operator-hosted sampling events, which introduces kids to the healthy products offered in the machines. He also loves the idea of accurate sales reporting from the HUMAN machine.

St.Joseph Catholic School – Greenville, SC

HUMAN Healthy Vending Program Increases Access to Nutrition

Director of Advancement at St. Joseph Catholic School, Gina Turcotte, sat down with co-founder Andy Mackensen to discuss the positive impactHUMAN Healthy Vending Greenville SC has played on students.Since St. Joseph offers many after school sports, programs, and events, she knew that providing students with healthy snacks was a top priority. Students at St. Joseph were intrigued with the products in the machine and the machine itself. There were also a lot of parents who were really happy with the placement of the HUMAN machine. Thanks, Gina!


Huge Success in Cleveland, OH

Hawken School Nurse Weighs in on HUMAN Healthy Vending Experience

Hawken School nurse, Bridget Harrison, talks about the positive impact HUMAN Healthy Vending Cleveland OH has had on her school. The students absolutely love the machine. She discusses how the other, traditional vending machines at Hawken continually break and don’t offer the convenience of credit card readers as HUMAN machines do.
Thanks, Bridget, for an inside view of the HUMAN Healthy Vending program from a school nurse’s perspective!


Northwest YMCA – Cupertino, CA

Associate Member Services Director Gives the Scoop on Healthy Vending

Check out what Keith Marin has to say about his experience with healthy vending machines:When you think of a YMCA, would an unhealthy lifestyle come to mind? Absolutely not!
So why is it so many YMCAs offer junk food from vending machines?Keith Marin, Associate Member Services Director at Northwest YMCA in Cupertino, CA, knew there had to be a change.
Northwest YMCA is a pioneer in the healthy vending movement. With 5 million junk food machines in the country, Northwest YMCA is making a proactive decision that will benefit the lives of their members.


Healthy Vending in Phoenix Arizona School

Phoenix School Principal Dr. Chris Lineberry

Florence Virtual Academy principal Dr. Chris Lineberry talks about the positive impact HUMAN Healthy Vending Phoenix AZ has played on his school. Before HUMAN, there were no vending machines in his school whatsoever. HUMAN offered a program that was marketable to students and also featured GREAT tasting products. Dr. Lineberry loves the fact that healthy vending machines give students the option to choose healthy options. Thank you Dr. Lineberry for your insightful video from a location’s perspective!Watch the video to hear more! 

“Our mission is helping kids make better choices, but if we allow poor nutrition to be a choice then we decrease our credibility, that’s why we partnered with H.U.M.A.N. We look at promoting health as a leadership issue. If you say you care about your kids, or even employees, but then promote the same old poor choices then you’re killing your own message. If you want healthier kids or employees, then you have to make that message part of your culture. That means not only talking about it, but bringing it in into action.” 
– Jason Sears, Director of the Ada County Boys and Girls Club

“I wanted to send you some photos of the vending units at Sarasota. They look phenomenal and we have been getting great customer feedback. I have even noticed certain products have become our shopper’s favorites and are the first to run low and require re-stocking. We have had no complaints as to machine glitches or transactional issues, which is very appreciated by our staff. Thanks so much for all of the strong communication and for such a great addition to Sarasota.” 
– Sara Shipherd, Specialty Leasing Manager, Westfield Mall Sarasota Square

“I have seen a H.U.M.A.N vending machine at Master’s Academy in Calgary and it has many excellent and healthy options for kids, teachers, and parents alike. The program offers state-of-the-art vending machines that don’t “eat” the change and fail to dispense product (as the current ones have a habit of doing), uses far less energy, increases profits and is easy to use.” ~ Halley Prestage, Parent of 2, Calgary, Alberta

“Hi Sean! Vending machine is BEAUTIFUL!! I actually gave your information to someone today because they liked the machine and maybe they will install one at their gym.” ~ Tricia Pokorney, Membership Director, Sarasota Family YMCA
“The Healthy Vending Program has added the perfect solution to our Vending Program. We now can provide healthy alternatives to our customers 24 hours-a-day. The feedback we have received has confirmed the Healthy Vending Program was the right decision improving our customer satisfaction.” ~ Tom Dooley, Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Mt. Sinai Hospital


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